Tag: Low Code Development

Episode 10: Build a Progressive Web Application

In this episode, I will build an OutSystems Progressive Web Application from start to finish using OutSystems Service Studio. PWAs take advantage of the latest technologies to combine the best of web and mobile apps. For those of you who develop on both mobile and web, you’ll appreciate that a PWA can be built in

Episode 7: Module Reuse in OutSystems

Module Reuse in OutSystems - In this episode we will explore how to reuse components and functionality of modules in the OutSystems platform. Learn how to optimize your architecture by creating consumer and producer modules with one simple property setting.

Episode 5: Building and Customizing Screens with OutSystems

In this OutSystems video tutorial, you will learn how to create new screens quickly from data models in Service Studio. This tutorial also covers customizing screens with icons, table columns, links, and conditional visibility for containers. See how fast you can build logic for mobile and web applications with OutSystems.